Prayer Requests

We are more than happy to share your prayer requests - for friends, family, members of the community, or for yourself - with our Prayer Circle, email Prayer Chain or in Sunday worship.  Requests should be directed to the church office.  Confidential requests may also be made directly of one of our ministers.  Please let us know your needs, concerns or thanksgivings.

Sunday Prayers

Our worship services include a time for sharing prayer requests, which are then lifted up by one of our ministers.  If you are unable to be in worship and would like to have your prayer request included, please contact the church office.

Prayer Circle

Thursdays are very special days for a small group of people who gather for a half hour of sharing and praying.  Prayers are offered for one another, for family, friends and friends of friends.  Prayers for our nation, our leaders, for people in faraway lands, and for our earth are lifted up as the group prays for peace, healing, guidance, and support.  This is an open group - if you have something to pray for, you are encouraged to drop by.

Prayer Chain

Members and friends may also ask that prayer requests be send to members of our email Prayer Chain, who will pray individually when they receive the request by email.